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On World Environment Day 2024, Why We All Should Adopt an Olive Tree~ Domenico Pratico, MD, FCPP

Updated: Jun 10

On World Environment Day 2024, Why We All Should Adopt an Olive Tree~ Domenico Pratico, MD, FCPP

During a recent trip to Lesvos Island in Greece to attend an exciting meeting on Olive Oil and Health, thanks to Fotini and Antonis Tirpintiri, two olive tree enthusiasts and dear friends, I became aware of some lesser-known facts about the olive tree which convinced me that we all should adopt an olive tree.


In fact, while most of us immediately recognize that olive trees are beautiful, add aesthetic value to the landscape, and represent a cultural symbol particularly around the Mediterranean areas, not everybody is aware of some “other” important facts about this tree, which are very appropriate on this World Environment Day.


- Olive trees can thrive in a variety of conditions, including dry and arid environments. They are perfect for regions that experience droughts or desertification.

- Olive trees absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and store it in their leaves, branches, and trunks. By doing so, they help to significantly reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the air.

- Olive trees release oxygen into the air, which helps to improve air quality and reduce air pollution, a major contributor to several health problems.

- Olive trees provide a habitat for a wide range of wildlife, including birds, insects, and other small animals, supporting biodiversity.

- Olive trees have deep roots that stabilize the soil, making them an effective barrier against soil erosion, which is important to prevent landslides.


So, adopting an olive tree is a simple and effective way to take action against some of the consequences of climate change, one of the most pressing issues facing our planet today. In addition to the wide range of beneficial effects, from absorbing carbon dioxide to improving air quality and supporting biodiversity, I described above let’s not forget that these trees provide the olive fruit which is the sole ingredient of one of the most powerful foods that mother nature can give us: olive oil.


For all these reasons, planting and taking care of an olive tree means that not only will we produce more sustainably healthy food (olive oil), but also that we are making a positive impact on the environment and the planet for ourselves and, most importantly, for future generations.


No wonder why in Greek mythology the olive tree was considered a gift from the Gods. Long live the olive tree!

Domenico Praticò, MD, holds the position of the Scott Richards North Star Charitable Foundation Chair for Alzheimer’s Research and serves as a Professor and the Director at the Alzheimer’s Center at Temple, as well as a Professor of Pharmacology at Lewis Katz School of Medicine at Temple University.

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