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Interview: Recent Scientific Developments in Alzheimer's Research ~ Domenico Pratico, MD, FCPP

Updated: Feb 1

From the desk of Professor Domenico Pratico:

Recently I had the pleasure of conversing with Salvatore Scervini and Sergio Tursi Prato of Migawebtv about the most recent scientific and clinical developments regarding Alzheimer's disease.

As the interview was conducted in Italian I am sharing a brief synopsis of the video in English that covered a wide range of essential topics related to Alzheimer's disease and its treatment.

Innovative Diagnostic Tools: In this section, we examined cutting-edge technical methods for diagnosing Alzheimer's disease, emphasizing improvements in brain imaging methods and the discovery of biological biomarkers that considerably improve the precision of early detection.

Understanding Risk Factors: The discussion focused on the numerous risk factors connected to cognitive decline, the onset of Alzheimer's dementia, and pathological brain aging, highlighting the significance of early intervention.

Socio-Economic Impact: We focused on the urgent need for efficient treatments and support systems for patients and carers as we examined the significant socio-economic burden that Alzheimer's disease places on the world.

Keys to Brain Resilience: As we discussed safeguards that support brain health and lifespan, our discussion was upbeat. These include a healthy diet, an active lifestyle, and good metabolic management, all of which contribute to promoting cognitive vitality.

Predictive Screening Tools: We looked at the current predictors and screening tools that help find people who are at risk of getting Alzheimer's. Importantly, these methods are helpful in preventing problems for both at-risk individuals and the wider public.

Prevention Strategies: The conversation touched on new preventative measures against Alzheimer's, highlighting the need of ongoing research and raising awareness among the general public in preventing the disease's beginnings.

Promising Clinical Trials: Finally, we looked at the results of recent clinical studies using antibodies against amyloid-beta proteins. There may be a paradigm shift in how we approach treating Alzheimer's as a result of these immune therapies' potential to reduce, if not stop, the disease's progression.

This conversation was a wonderful chance to share and discuss the recent advancements in the field of Alzheimer's research. Stay tuned for additional information on significant developments and discoveries in the ongoing battle against this fatal disease.


Domenico Praticò, MD, holds the position of the Scott Richards North Star Charitable Foundation Chair for Alzheimer’s Research and serves as a Professor and the Director at the Alzheimer’s Center at Temple, as well as a Professor of Pharmacology at Lewis Katz School of Medicine at Temple University.

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